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Because this is a rather large web site and many pages are "hiding" two or more levels down from one of the twelve top-level menu pages, I have provided this Table of Contents describing what you'll find here and where things are.  Below you'll see the menu buttons explained briefly as to what you will find when you click on those same buttons in the above menu.
button1.gif (1259 bytes) Clicking this button will take you to the personal background of yours truly and what is new since the last update to the web site.  I've even got a picture of myself when I had a mustache a couple years ago!
button2.gif (1260 bytes) This Historical page has a link to the text of a very old book (published in the early 1900's) plus a link to "Who really invented the Telephone?"  Some people claim that Bell was not the first. For historical documents on the Bell System, Western Electric, Bell Canada, Northern Electric, etc. please visit David Massey's web site "A Memorial to the Bell System" by clicking HERE.
button3.gif (1265 bytes) For all of you telephone and techie nerds (and collectors who need a wiring diagram for an old phone) this is the place to spend some time!  There is a whole book on early switching systems, a page with recorded telephone sounds, schematics for various phones, etc.  There is a page of general information on Telephone Line Simulators with some photos of the Teltone TLS-4 model that I have.
button4.gif (1242 bytes) Are you a student, teacher, historian of technical achievements, or hobbyist?  Check out this page for some good links and reference material for your research on telephony and human speech. Also check out some recommended books linked from this page.
button5.gif (1272 bytes) Here you'll find some photos and links to my Telephone Posters pages.  You will also find other interesting photos here of historical value plus a link to David Massey's Bell System Memorial website with additional photos from the Bell System.
button6.gif (1227 bytes) There is more fun in collecting telephones when you join a club of like-minded people.  Buy, sell and trade with other members and many have email list servers you can subscribe to a part of the membership.  Many clubs have shows that you can attend to buy, sell, and trade telephone related items.  Check out this page of both domestic and international clubs and organizations.
button7.gif (1234 bytes) Here you'll find a listing of telephone museums.  Some are only "virtual" while others are physical places you can visit on your next vacation.
button8.gif (1279 bytes) Here is the start of my collection of information, sounds and pictures on telephones and telephone switches from around the world.
button9.gif (1291 bytes) Need to fix an old phone but don't know where to get the parts?  Or, would you like to find a professional who can restore that phone for you?  Check out this listing of people and products that can get the job done. Provided as a courtesy to individuals who specialize in the restoration and preservation of telephone equipment.
buttonstar.gif (1259 bytes) This page has links to my pages dealing with both humorous and serious stories of people and telephones plus other people related pages. You will also find a page on locating old telephone book directories and places to contact to research old addresses of people.  You can also submit image files of your favorite or most unusual telephone items for posting on my web site.
button0.gif (1274 bytes) The history of the pay phone (by AT&T) can be found here.
buttonpound.gif (1162 bytes) Some good stuff here!   A telecommunications glossary, the history of Phone Phreaks, telecommunications trivia and quotes, etc.
Discussion Forum Topics may include anything related to telephones, antique telephones, telephone parts, insulators, technical information, telephone clubs or organizations, telephone history, telephones or telephone parts wanted or for sale, etc.