Miscellaneous Pages

  • Cellular Phones & Mobile Phones - History and Technology - How did it all begin and where is this technology headed?  Find out this and more about the beginnings of cell phone history and the technology behind it all.
  • Phone Phreakers and Phreaking - The "underground" history of telephony (and I don't mean underground telephone cables!).
  • Telephone Equipment in Railway Applications - A compilation of photos and text contributed to this website by telephone collectors and others.
  • A Short History of Cable Manufacturing - This brief history of the evolution of telephone cable was submitted by Jake Jacobson.
  • Chas. A. Strelinger Co. telephone catalogue pages - Thanks to Paul A. Rauth for this contribution. An insert was found in this 1885 book that stated, " The present state of the markets is so unsettled that we are unable to get out a discount sheet that would probably hold good long enough to circulate it.  We shall get oune out as soon as possible after the markets become somewhat settled and, in the meantime shall be glad to quote prices on anything you may wish to know about, if you will kindly write us.  We shall be glad to hear from you, and ask that you be as definite as possible in your inquireies, as it will save us time, for we have a great many quotations to make every day.  Very respectfully, The Chas. A. Strelinger Co."
  • Glossary of Telecommunications Terms - A quick look-up of some old and new telecommunications terms and acronyms.
  • Links - World Wide Web links on telephony.
  • How to Use Your Dial Telephone - A historical document submitted to me by Roger Conklin. Also viewable in GIF image format ===> PAGE 1  -   PAGE 2
  • An Old Area Code Chart of the USA and Canada (PDF format) - See what it use to be like between 1963 and 1964 (thanks to Mark J Cuccia for narrowing down the time frame) . Also available as the original GIF scan.
  • Telephone Users Manual - Pages scanned from a mid 1960's Ohio Bell directory handbook.
  • Telephone Trivia and Quotes - An assortment of interesting (and in some cases, comical) quotes and facts about telephones, computers, technology and the human aspects relating to these technologies.
  • Just for grins: Telemarketing call cartoon    Jokes - Private Line website