Welcome to "Telephone Tribute"! 

This web site had its humble beginnings in the summer of 1997 with its original creator, David Massey.  In May of 2003, David decided to focus his spare time exclusively on his Bell System Memorial website.  David found a new owner/webmaster, George Triant and Ron Christianson, to take over the Telephone Tribute website.  Then in 2004 George found himself not able to put the time into this website as he had hoped so this site once again transferred ownership.  It is now owned and operated by Bob and Sheri Stritof.

It is the purpose of this web site to pay tribute to the telephone from a historical aspect as well as to provide technical information, human interest stories, links to other telephony related web sites, resources for students and teachers, and other features.

These pages are maintained by Sheri Stritof.


What's New And What's "Cooking"

Additions, changes, and future plans for this web site

February 2004

This website adopted by Bob and Sheri Stritof. Right now the site is in "maintenance mode", but if anyone has anything they would like to add, please let me know via . Thanks! - Sheri


MAY 2003

Received another payphone picture from Anton and added it to the the Russian section of the international page. Added a discussion forum to the site. Added more pictures from John Carson to the photo page.

I've been running a poll, as most of you have probably noticed. So far the poll results indicate that a forum would be a welcome addition to this site. If anyone cares to make some suggestions for possible discussion categories drop me a line.
thanks, George

This website was "adopted" by George Triant and Ron Christianson.  The original creator of Telephone Tribute, David Massey, decided that two websites were one too many to keep updated and answer email from.  So now David will concentrate on his Bell System Memorial website and leave this one for Ron and George to operate as they see fit.


APRIL 2003

Added "Dead Man's Telephone Bill" news article.


MARCH 2003

Added information and photos of Russian payphones and telephone signals to my International web page (thanks to a website visitor from Russia named Anton).



Additional web server space was made available which allowed me to make more files available for downloading.



Moved my files from the old domain ( to a new domain that I own (  Lots of technical problems and challenges made things go much slower than planned.  Now if Google and Yahoo would just get their databases updated . . .


JUNE 2002

Added some information on the history of telephony in the railroad industry. Began a new web page on Cellular Phones & Mobile Phones covering the history and technology of today's cell phones.  Added news stories about the US Congress passing a resolution crediting little-known Italian immigrant Antonio Meucci as the rightful inventor of the telephone. 


MAY 2002

Deleted some dead links.


APRIL 2002

Added a new page to this website on the telephones in railway applications



Corrected error on Telephone Trivia and Quotes page - changed "Alexander Melvin Bell" to "Alexander Melville Bell" (Alexander Graham Bell's father). [thank you Brian Elliott for finding this error.]

Added "A Brief Review of Kellogg and the Origin of Kellogg Switchboard and Supply Company" to my Historical Information page.

All update descriptions prior to January 2002 have been removed to keep this column of text short. All references to the Bell System or Western Electric pages have been removed since those files have been moved to the Bell System Memorial website.
A special thanks to Jake, Todd, Paul, Coen, Shawn, Steff, Mike, and countless others for their generous contributions of image files, documents, historic information, old advertisements of Western Electric and the Bell System, sound files, collectors items and other contributions too numerous to list.