It is not the purpose of this page to be a comprehensive "one-stop" source of information, but rather to provide a starting point for the student or teacher to find more in-depth information on other pages in my web site or other web sites (such as AT&T) that are geared toward the student/teacher. Also, please don't write me asking me to do your research for you; this is my hobby and I do not have the time to do homework for students other than my own children although I will try to help when I can by directing you in the right direction. The various books, video tapes, etc. mentioned below are presented here only as a public service and is not to be construed as advertising - I receive no compensation from the publishers or producers of these items.

Books on Telephony - This page contains listings of various books, pamphlets, and other publications and reference materials on telephone related topics. Some of the books contain schematics of antique phones and beautiful color photographs.  This is not an endorsement of any items shown here; rather it is a list compiled to aid visitors to this web site in locating further information on the subject of telephony. Click HERE to jump to the Books page.

PBS (Public Broadcasting System - USA) "The American Experience" Home Video - "The Telephone"
An interesting historical account of Bell's inventions of the telephone and the social impact of this and other inventions of this era. To view the front cover of the VHS tape box, click HERE; to view the back, click HERE.  This tape is available from PBS in the USA. For more information including how to order from PBS, see

AT&T Archives:
NOTE: Due to the unfortunate reductions in staffing and funding of the archives department, responding to personal inquiries most likely will not be possible.

Requests must be submitted via U.S. Mail or FAX.

Mail: AT&T Archives
P.O. Box 4904
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FAX: (908) 756-2105

Email: Sheldon Hochheiser (AT&T archives historian)

Archives phone number: (908) 226-2386

Some of you may live near a telephone museum. This would be an excellent way to see the equipment first hand. Please see David Massey's Telephone Museum page to find a museum near you.

Bell System Science Experiments - A set of four wonderful kits produced by Bell Labs in the 1960's.

The Phoenix Central School District, Phoenix, NY has put up a web site which includes some interesting insights on telephone history -- and some links to familiar (to ATCA members) web sites. Click on the links below to check it out:

Educational Web Sites - The following sections are listings of other web sites I have found that contain good resources for researching the history and technology of telephony:




DTMF (Touch-Tone) Decoder

I get requests for DTMF (Touch-Tone) decoder projects from students and hobbyist periodically. Although I don't have a schematic and parts list for building a complete project, I did find two manufactures of DTMF decoder integrated circuits that can be the basis of this project. Download the PDF data files by clicking on the following links:

Motorola MC145436A - a 14 pin chip

HOLTEK HT9170 - Available from Digikey for under $3.00 (USA)

Electronic Telephone Circuit

I have also received requests for how to build a modern analog telephone. The following chip from Motorola may be just what you are looking for:


Ring Tone Generator

Do you need to generate that special combination of AC and DC voltage that will ring a telephone bell?

The May 11, 2000 issue of the trade magazine EDN had an interesting article titled "Ring-tone generator uses high-Q filter" that should do the trick.  It uses a Linear Technology Corporation LT1684 integrated circuit.  To view this article in PDF format, click HERE. The particular article appears on pages 5 through 7 of that PDF file.

The data specification/application document for the Linear Technology Corporation LT1684 chip can be viewed or downloaded by clicking HERE.