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When the telecommunications revolution began over a century ago, no one could have predicted where it would lead: telephones in nearly every household in the industrialized nations; the development of the radio, the broadcast television, cable television; the globe-spanning Internet; portable, personal satellite phones; the complete digitization of communications. U.S. spending on telecommunications topped $517 Billion in 1999 and according to MultiMedia Telecommunications Association forecasts, total U.S. spending for telecom equipment and services will grow to $794 billion in 2003. More broadly defined, the communications industry accounts for one seventh of the U.S. economy, a share worth $1 trillion annually and is growing at a rate twice as fast as the overall economy.

Many of these web pages are the results of on-going contributions from many visitors that have e-mailed and snail-mailed files, pictures, documents, etc. for which I am deeply grateful. For some personal information about the original creator of Tribute to the Telephone, please read the introduction page. For email and phone number contacts information, see my contacts information page. This site is best viewed at 800 x 600 screen resolution or higher and with Microsoft Internet Explorer.  Some features will not work with Netscape such as the touch-tone sounds when clicking on my touch-tone menu "dial" at the top of each page.

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