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Miscellaneous Links

Lockheed Martin Corporation
NANPA: North American
Numbering Plan Administration
The Phone Booth (Lots of Canadian links,
numbering plan info)
AT&T Labs Research - R&D Train of Thought Federal Standard 1037C: Glossary of Telecommunications Terms
Glass Insulators Home Page The Day Bell System Died
Roseville Telephone Museum
(broken link when last checked).

106 Vernon St.
Roseville CA

(916) 786-1621


Hundreds of Telephone
Sound Effects!
Hear sounds such as
old rotary dialing, coin
dropping in payphone,
ringing telephones, etc.

Discount Long Distance Digest
Free daily online magazine about the long distance & telecommunications industry. Long distance rates & comparison charts. Editorials on long distance & telecom companies, a Hall of Shame feature, book reviews.
Telecommunications Newsgroup:

AT&T Text-to-Speech Synthesis Telephone Exchange Names