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Real Stories from Real People
that worked for "Independent"
Telephone Companies

The following people have contributed stories of their personal experiences as workers of independent (non-Bell System) telephone companies.  If you have a story you would like to add to this page, please write me.  Editing was done in some cases for clarification, correction of spelling or grammar errors, or language.

For some stories told by ex-Bell System employees, see my web page on my Bell System web site "The People of the Bell System.

Before we get to the links below to the individual stories, I have one special request from a visitor to my two websites that I would like to post on this page in hopes that her father might just read her message here:

". . . I was reading some of the stories on your website and saw that one of the men had worked out of Victorville, California.

My father worked for the phone company there as  a trunk worker, I really don't know what type of job that is, I just know he traveled all the time .

My father's name is  Ward B.  Yerry , he was still working for this company in 1985. My father has been missing since 1985.  We have a report that he changed his name to Bill Johnson.  When  he was working for the phone company  his nickname was sonny.

I wanted to know if there was anyway possible  to put this on your site to see if maybe someone  who worked with him could write me.  I just want to learn more about him and the type of work he did.  He just might read the stories on your site and see my story, and know that we are looking for him, that we love him very much and want him to be a part of our lives.  He has several grandchildren that would love to  meet him.  He is the only family I have left; my mother pass on in 1987.  I have no one else but my children.  Its never to late to be a family.

               Thank you ,
               Tara Lynne

If you wish to contact Tara, please contact her directly at:

S u z i e q 9 1 7 6 5 @ a o l . c o m

Remember to remove the spaces in the email address; the spaces were added to reduce the chances of spammers harvesting her email address from my website with the email address harvesting software they are known to use.

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