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Kellogg Schematics

These are two samples of the Kellogg schematics found on Mike Elmore's web
site (
Please visit his site for the complete collection.



Some club members submitted photos of their ITT/Kellogg Cinderella telephones for this web site.  The Cinderella was the ITT/Kellogg copy of the Western Electric Princess telephone.  ITT produced telephones under license from Western Electric; hence the "look-alike" characteristics.  Here are the photo links:

Blue ITT/Kellogg Receiver (handset)

Blue ITT/Kellogg Cinderella (photo 1)

Blue ITT/Kellogg Cinderella (photo 2)

Blue ITT/Kellogg Cinderella Bottom View

ITT Cinderella Bottom View

White ITT Cinderella Bottom View

White ITT Cinderella (photo 1)

White ITT Cinderella (photo 2)

White ITT Cinderella Top View

For a short history of the Kellogg company, see my Historical Information page.