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Collectors Favorite Items

This is your chance to show off your favorite items in your telephone collection and see what others have. To become a part of this page, just send me an email with a description and a photo scan attached.

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Steve Hilsz

1877 and 1878 coffins, and Norman Mulvey's neat 1879 Bell Tap set. Several images. Click HERE to view them.
Ron Christianson


This set was the first type of telephone used in Spain, Japan, England and other countries in Europe. It replaced the Morse Telegraph and preceded the hand-cranked magneto type telephone.

gower3_thumbnail.jpg (5130 bytes)
Chuck Eby

Western Electric 20B candlestick with pony receiver, circa 1904
David Massey

phone web

CLEAR Western Electric 500 Telephone (Feb. 1970 / June 1979) SOLD!