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If you have a web site on telephones, please let me know.

Telephone Switching Systems
Electromechanical Telephone Switching Systems by
Christopher Baldwin

This web site is about the old electro-mechanical telephone switching systems from the last century and is devoted to the old Bell System and the history of telephone switching.  It is very much under construction at this point, but he has some interesting pictures, sounds, and other material.


Karen's Phone Page

Lots of pictures of her phone collection!

The Web Page You Have Reached

Over 300 modern telephone sounds and recordings.

Ericofon Web Page
by Richard Rose
This space is available! Bill's Phones

Bill Hare's personal telephone collection.

He's got some great photos of his telephones!

We sell and refurbish
classic telephones, made before the break-up of the Bell System in 1984.

Telephone Wiring-installation/repair/guide

by Brian T. Parker


Atlanta, Georgia's
Telephone History

Will Cardwell's
home page.
Mr. Fone's Web Page

Jeff Garber's Personal Web Pages on Telephony

NOTE: Link was not found when I last checked.  It may not exist anymore.

Coen Meeder's Home Page.

A lot of great looking non-USA
telephones in his collection . . .

. . . check it out!

Old Telephones as Entertainment
Examples of residential and business telephones, and related items that are
not well covered in the standard references

Home Page of Tom Vaughn
Cyber Telephone Museum

An Exhibit of Common & Rare Antique Telephones

Phone World
(link was dead when last checked)
Information on Telephones and related Telecommunications
equipment. Welcome to Telephone World. Devoted to the Telephone and the
Telephone Enthusiast
Eric Korenman's Personal Phone Collection Welcome To The Central Office ....
This page is dedicated to telephone central offices both past and present.

(link was dead when last checked)

The Phone Lady's Telephone and Insulators Website
Ove's telephone pages Mölndal, Sweden
Antique Telephones in Japan Antique Telephone Collector's News Home Page

Fred's Old Phones
The Dream Museum!

In French and English

Switchboard -
Antique Telephone
Classified Ads

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This space available for announcing your personal web site on telephones!  Please, no commercial sites.

This space available for announcing your personal web site on telephones!  Please, no commercial sites.